Bensag (Bonesaw) 500


.125" CTS-XHP Steel Blade
.125” G-10 Handle

.125" 6AL4V Lockside and Clip
Caged Bearings
Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Pivot Screws

DOB: 24 June 2019
Blade: 2.65"
Total Length: 7.2"
Closed Length: 4.3"

Weight:  3.37 oz.


The Bensag is a product of our attendance and experience in the Martial Blade Concepts knife defense course.  The design is meant to be slender in the hand, minimal real estate in the pocket for its size but built to be a powerful offense/defense tool.  The action is thumb stud leverage flick or swing. The action of the blade is around a hardened stainless pivot barrel and caged stainless bearings, while the locking mechanism is a standard "Frame-Lock" design with a carbodized lock face.


This is still a hand made knife!


The Bensag 500 has a G-10 handle side that adds a more aggressive texture in wet/cold environments as well as lightening the overall chassis.


The blade itself has a hollow ground main bevel with an 8" wheel to a .020 edge to allow a sharp edge without compromising the integrity of its overall strength.  The shape of the blade makes it extremely powerful for cutting/slashing.


To make production faster for everyone, the options on the website are the ONLY custom finish options available. We will not add nor delete windows/holes/milled grooves/remove components/add components/modify blade shape/add studs etc...


Bensag 500

  • All blades, handles, clips, hardware and the required resources to make your knife have all been purchased within 48 hours of your order. Due to this fact, there are no returns and no cancellations once you have promised to purchase. This is non-negotiable, so make the adult decision before promising to purchase.

  • Every Scorpion 6 Knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the life of the knife, regardless of ownership numbers. As long as the knife has not been "tuned" or modified in anyway, it is covered against any defects that would be deemed a safety concern. Clicks, clinks and clacks that are not safety related issues will not be entertained as the knives are designed for use, not for sitting in a leather recliner, smoking a cigar and over analyzing. Contact us anytime if you have questions.

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