Missing a certificate of authenticity? Not sure if the Scorpion 6 Knife you purchased second hand is mission ready?


Welcome the S6 Pre-Owned Certification


Simply purchase this option and you will be contacted directly with shipping and RMA information. After that contact you will send your knife in and we will perform a comprehensive 30-Point inspection as well as the standard "Spa Treatment" to ensure that you are in possession of one of the safest and most combat effective knives in the handmade industry.


If we find damage or modifications that are beyond our scope of repair, replacement of parts might be necessary for the safe and proper operation of your knife. If this is the case we will contact you first with our inspection findings and move forward with a plan to get your knife back in your pocket.


*Please purchase one certificate per knife 


Certified Pre-Owned

  • If Scorpion 6 Knives LLC determines that the knife may be stolen property or modified by a "pimper", we reserve the right to refuse service and follow moral and ethical procedures to correct the situation as to protect the knife community and our #scorpion6family for future generations to come.

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