Overfall (Assault)


CTS-XHP Steel Blade
.160” Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium handles/clip
Caged Ceramic Bearings
Titanium Hardware

DOB: 28 February 2017
Blade: 3.14”
Total Length: 8.2”
Closed Length: 4.8”

Weight: 6.9 oz



The Overfall was our 2nd design ever released from the S6 Lab and it was our first take on a more traditional blade shape. The blade itself has a hollow ground main bevel with an 8" wheel which provides a sharp belly all the way through and may have a double hollow or flat grind front to add strength or sharpness. The style of the blade makes it a great slicing tool, but the overall thickness makes it extremely strong while it’s at it.


To make production faster for everyone, the options on the website are the ONLY custom finish options available. We will not add nor delete windows/holes/milled grooves/remove components/add components/modify blade shape/add studs etc...


Made in USA

Made by Hand

Made by Two


  • All blades, handles, clips, hardware and the required resources to make your knife have all been purchased within 48 hours of your order.  Due to this fact, there are no returns and no cancellations once you have promised to purchase. This is non-negotiable, so make the adult decision before promising to purchase.

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