The Scorpion Knives Trilogy


In my experience, there is no substitute for being prepared.  No matter how bad it gets, no matter how "according to plan" things DO NOT go… when the bullets start flying, being prepared for any and all situations gives you the tactical advantage over your situation.


To elaborate on our belief in being prepared for all of life’s little quirks, we have created the Scorpion 6 Knives Trilogy.  In this set, you can select a fixed blade, folder and multitool with numerous options for finishes.  Below are the details:



Pingving Multi-Tool with a titanium pocket clip


Fixed Blade: (Choose One)

Kriger Mini

Frelser (Wharncliffe/Tanto/Drop Point)

Rikr Dagger


Folding Knife: (Choose One)

Arven F-Type

Mektig V2

Overfall (Slim)


The finish options for the Scorpion 6 Knives Trilogy will be as follows:


Black and Bronze Highlights

Black and Blue Highlights

Black and Stonewashed Highlights


100% US Made from US materials by hand in Arizona


To make production faster for everyone, the options on the website are the ONLY custom finish options available. We will not add nor delete windows/holes/milled grooves/remove components/add components/modify blade shape/add studs etc...



The S6 Trilogy

$1,400.00 Regular Price
$1,260.00Sale Price
  • All blades, handles, clips, hardware and the required resources to make your knife have all been purchased within 48 hours of your order.  Due to this fact, there are no returns and no cancellations once you have promised to purchase. This is non-negotiable, so make the adult decision before promising to purchase.

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